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Let's Get Started!!! The 18th Best Fair Auto Parts

发布日期:2021-06-02 18:07:05   点击:

In recent years, the automobile air conditioning system has developed into one of the eight major systems composed of the automobile's main structure, and is an indispensable part of the development of the automobile industry in China. In this context, The 18th Guangzhou International Auto Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Technology Exhibition, hosted by Guangzhou Best Exhibition Co., Ltd. (hereafter as “Best Exhibition” )will be held in Guangzhou on March 3-5, 2022.

Concurrent Show includes Guangzhou International Auto Radiator & Equipment Exhibition, Guangzhou International Automobile Motor Electric Control & Testing Equipment Exhibition and Guangzhou International Automobile Air Purification System & Equipment Exhibition.

Over the past 18 years, we will continue to maintain the business friendship with many major companies to stabilize the development of the automotive air-conditioning industry in China, going hand in hand to discuss the dynamics of the automotive air-conditioning industry. Best Exhibition has known for a domestic automotive air-conditioning industry as an exchange and trade development platform, especially in Southern China.

New journey will re-start in 2022 to build as a platform featuring "radiator, car motor electronic control and testing equipment, and car air purification system and equipment" with "automotive air conditioning" as the core, and to build an integrated exhibition marketing service for the industrial chain platform.
Great to see you in LINGAN INNOVATION EXPO CENTER·Pazhou·Guangzhou in 2022.
A new exhibition hall, new opportunities and new brilliance laying ahead! ! !

The LINGAN Innovation Expo Center (LIC) is located in Guangzhou, an important city in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It is located in the core area of the Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition business circle, adjacent to China's First Exhibition: Canton Fair, neighbouring the Canton Fair Complex where 40 million domestic and foreign merchants radiate every year.
Display products and accessories:
Compressors, condensers, evaporators, radiators, thermostats, fans, electronic fans, thermal expansion valves, air-conditioning pipelines, air-conditioning motors, air-conditioning bearings, refrigerants, etc.
Production equipment and materials for automotive air conditioners:
Pipeline cutting, testing equipment, composite materials and other production materials.
Commercial vehicle air conditioning systems and accessories:
Product accessories such as parking air conditioners and passenger car air conditioner compressors and electronic control systems.
Automotive thermal management system and accessories:
Automotive engine cooling system, new energy vehicle cockpit, battery compartment thermal management system and accessories.
Frozen and refrigerated transportation equipment and materials:
Refrigerated transport boxes, thermal insulation materials, car refrigerators, car refrigeration units and components.
Car cooling system:
Radiator, inter-cooler, oil cooler, water tank, etc.
Vehicle motor electric control and vehicle testing equipment:
Drive motors, electronic control systems, manufacturing equipment, testing instruments and ancillary products.
Car air purification system:
Ozone car air purifiers, micro fans, air conditioning filters, in-car air purification products, car purifiers, PM2.5 detectors, formaldehyde detectors, negative ion detectors, TVOC detectors, etc.